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American Family Association Compares Supreme Court to 'Nazis' for Gay Marriage Rulings (Audio)

Many Christians and conservatives were upset on Wednesday about the U.S. Supreme Court's pro-gay rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8.

However, no one expressed their anger in more bizarre terms than American Family Association's executive director Bryan Fischer on his Christian radio show, noted

Fischer painted Christian conservatives as "Jews" who are being treated "as enemies of the human race" by the U.S. Supreme Court, who are supposedly "Nazis" (audio below).

"The Supreme Court has said that you and I are enemies of the human race," Fischer said. "That's how we have been classified by the Supreme Court. I mean, they're doing to us, ladies and gentlemen, they're doing to us what the Nazis did to the Jews in World War II."

He added: "The Supreme Court has just done to us what the Nazis did to the Jews. They have dehumanized us, they have diminished us, they are treating us as sub-human, as enemies of the human race."



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