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American Family Association Compares Sen. Rob Portman's Gay Son to Bank Robber

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) recently announced that he supports gay marriage since his son came out as a homosexual (video below).

In response, Bryan Fischer, of the Christian conservative American Family Association, went on Twitter to slam Sen. Portman's son, whom Fischer compared to a bank robber:

@ gay son, SSM: A father can still love a son who robs a bank without changing his mind about the morality of bank robbing.

Fischer didn't explain how a crime committed against other people is equal to a consensual adult relationship.

Fischer also lectured Sen. Portman on his “emotional” reasons for supporting same-sex marriage:

Having a gay son may be a powerful emotional argument for gay marriage, but policy should be based on reason, not emotion.

Source: and CNN


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