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American Family Association Claims 'All Male Pedophiles Who Like Boys are Gay' (Audio)

The Boy Scouts of America's board announced today that it would postpone a vote on whether to allow gays into organization until May.

On Monday, Christian-based American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios slammed the Boy Scouts for considering gays and claimed that gay men “like youth, most of them like young men.”

Rios said that gay men go into professions like teaching and coaching so “they can be around boys” (audio below).

Rios also made the claim that "not all gay men are pedophiles, but all male pedophiles who like boys are gay," reports

"If you know anything about this, you know that gay men love youth. They may not all like prepubescent boys but they like youth, most of them like young men, that’s why they go into professions and work with boys, that’s why they become teacher and coaches and shall we say Jerry Sandusky priests? They go places where they can be around boys, that seems to be a favorite thing and if you think that’s not true you know it is true," said Dios.

"Not all gay men are pedophiles, but all male pedophiles who like boys are gay. It seems to be a problem in the gay community, not a problem shared by all of them but everyone that has a problem with this seems to be gay, so you figure that out."

"I would have to say that zero percent of straight men are interested in boys, zero percent. So if anyone is going to straighten this out it just might be a straight man, not a gay man, that defies logic just a bit."



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