American Family Association: Ban Immigrants Who Believe in the Quran (Video)


While politicians debate immigration reform in light of the Boston Marathon bombings, the American Family Association came up with a religious test to judge which immigrants should be allowed in the U.S.

According to, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association stated on his radio show last week that there should be one question to ask immigrants: "Do you believe that the Quran is the holy book of God?"

If the answer is "yes," Fischer said they should not be allowed in (video below).

"We need to have a new immigration policy," Fischer said, "and the immigration policy is simply this: When they want to immigrate to the United States, 'Do you believe that the Quran is the holy book of God?' That's the only question we need to ask.

"If they say, 'Yes,' then we say, 'No, I'm sorry because your holy book ... teaches you to kill Americans. We can't let you into our country.' We can't invite that kind of cancer into our country because Boston is what you get."

Fischer failed to note that "America" and "Americans" are not mentioned anywhere in the Quran.



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