America Will 'Experience a Hellish Nightmare' Promises Pastor John Hagee (Video)


This weekend Pastor John Hagee, of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, began his heartwarming series, "The God America Has Forgotten," by predicting America would "experience a hellish nightmare."

According to, Pastor Hagee was preaching against America's abortion, gay marriage and supposed anti-Christian bias (video below).

"If we reject God, then God will reject America," preached Pastor Hagee. "I assure you God is not in heaven draped in the American flag. God is the God of all people. He is the God of all nations. And the Bible says, 'all nations that forget God are turned into Hell.'"

"I assure you that if America continues to reject the way of God, God will lift the hedge of protection from this nation and we're going to experience a hellish nightmare unlike anything we've ever known before," warned Pastor Hagee. "Wake up, America! Let us return to the God of our fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

"When you kick God out of your life, out of your family, out of your marriage, out of your church, out of your nation, God says, 'Fine, I'll just back up and let you experience the living hell that comes when I'm not there,'" claimed Pastor Hagee.

The pastor made news back in August when he appeared to support a local gay rights ordinance, but later changed his mind.

The San Antonio Express-News reported, "Hagee said he changed course the next day, after meeting with Bernal and reviewing the changes with his attorney and the Justice Foundation, a conservative legal defense firm."

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