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'Am I Too White to Be Your Pastor?' Asks Megachurch Leader in Ad

Pastor Patrick Kelley, of River Pointe Church in Richmond, Texas, recently appeared in a full-page newspaper ad with a sign that read, "Am I Too White to Be Your Pastor?"

The ad was published last Thursday in the Houston Chronicle to promote the church's Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

Pastor Kelley was addressing Dr. King's quote, "It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning."

According to Kelley, River Pointe Church is one of the most diverse churches in the US because they are willing to talk about racial differences.

"I think the best way to do that is in a real, up front way," Pastor Kelley told The Christian Post.

Pastor Kelley says that his church is about 65 percent white, while 35 percent are different races.

"I think we're living in this post-segregation age where people aren't just looking for the black church, the white church, the Hispanic church," added Pastor Kelley. "I think they're looking for an effective church that's going to speak the truth with love and be authentic in their faith and challenge people to grow in Jesus."

Richmond, Texas sits in Fort Bend County, which is southwest of Houston, Texas.

Stephen Klineberg, a sociology professor at Rice University, toldThe New York Times last year that Fort Bend is the most ethnically diverse county in the US.

According to Klineberg, there is almost an equal division among Asian, black, Latino and white residents in the county of 627,000 residents.

Sources: The New York Times and The Christian Post


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