Nobel Winner Obama Meets Nobel Prison Warden Hu Jintao

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As I arrived in D.C. this week I noticed the Chinese flags flying next to the American flag along Pennsylvania Ave. The flags are a part of the welcome to Chinese President Hu Jintao who arrived in Washington today for talks with President Obama about a variety of issues--everything from currency valuation to China's new fighter aircraft.

But underneath all of the diplomacy, there's an irony to this visit. President Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, is welcoming a Chinese leader who jailed his country's Nobel Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo. Mr. Hu, who supported the bloody crackdown of dissidents in Tienanmen Square, is head of a government that advances China's notorious "one-child" policy, which is responsible for aborting tens of millions of unborn babies. He helps advance an aggressive--and increasingly militant--Chinese foreign policy in Asia and even Africa. Under his rule, hundreds if not thousands of Christians are persecuted for having the courage to follow Jesus Christ.

While he's in town, maybe Hu would like to stop by Capitol Hill, where Reps. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Frank Wolf (R-Va.) are holding a hearing about his country's continued pattern of human rights abuses. If not, let's hope that President Obama will raise these concerns with China's leader and uphold America's historic commitment to religious liberty. True peace comes only through moral courage. Let's pray Washington exercises it.


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