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N.C. County To Add 'In God We Trust' To 3 Government Buildings

Alamance County, North Carolina, is expected to place the national motto “In God We Trust” on three of its government buildings — two on the exterior and one on the interior, according to the Times News.

Alamance County Commissioners approved adding the motto this week.

The three buildings that will receive the motto include the Alamance County Administration Building in Graham, the Criminal Courts Building and the County Commissioners' Meeting Room, according to WCNC.

Davidson County, North Carolina, started this precedent in 2002, when the county voted to add the phrase to its government building.

The ACLU attempted to stop the county but lost in both a district court and a court of appeals. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case.

The U.S. Motto Action Committee was formed after the Davidson County decision. The committee supports the public placing of the motto “In God We Trust.”

Fred McClure, secretary of the U.S. Motto Action Committee, says the committee is focused on supporting other communities who also wish to use the motto.

“As the word gets out, counties and cities are asking about it and as they ask about it, we try to get on their agenda, tell them a little bit about it and then get it done,” he told WCNC.

McClure, in response to the Alamance County decision to use the motto, said: "There are some that say it's a religious thing. We didn't approach it from that. We approached it because it's our national motto."

An official date for when the “In God We Trust” signs will go up has not yet been decided; they will be completely paid for by private donations.

The Gaston County Courthouse in North Carolina added the motto “In God We Trust” to its outside sign on March 13.

Tracy Philbeck, Gaston County Commission chairman, said last month: “I’m proud to say I live in a country that has a rich heritage of a trust in God. Do I think putting that on a building makes everybody a Christian? Absolutely not. What I do think is that it honors our heritage and history,” according to the Gaston Gazette. 

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Photo: WikiCommons, WFMY News 2


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