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Alabama Public Service Commission Prays Against Abortion, Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

A government agency in Alabama recently began a meeting with a prayer that apologized for the “sinful” ways of those who allow gay marriage, abortion, and the “removal” of God from public schools.

The Alabama Public Service Commission’s meeting kicked off with Twinkle Cavanaugh introducing her friend, John Delwin Jordan, a member of her local Baptist church. Jordan was at the meeting to testify on behalf of the Prattville Tea Party, Mediaite reported.

This is a partial YouTube transcript of the prayer:

“Oh God, we are just a sinful people. So forgive us of our sins. We're thankful for our state leaders and for PSC here today that you'll just direct President Cavanaugh and Commissioner Oden and Commissioner Dunn and Judge Garner as they direct the agenda at hand. We pray that you'll give them divine wisdom. And Father we love you. And we thank you for each thing that you do for each one of us.

"And Father I pray that as we go our separate ways today that you put a protective hedge [inaudible] around each person here. That you will guide them safely in their ways and activities of this day. I pray, Lord, once again, as we take the pledge in a few moments, that we will render to when it comes to one nations, under God. May we put you first and seek you first in our lives and all these other so important what we call things will be added unto.

"God, we've taken you out of our schools, we've taken you out of our prayers, we've murdered your children ... we've said it's OK to have same-sex marriage, God. We have sinned. And we ask once again that you'll forgive us of our sins.

"If there is anybody here that is in agreement with this, may us in the powerful, most mighty name, the name that's above all names, and that's Jesus.”

Then everyone said, “Amen.”

A video of the prayer is below:

Sources: MediaiteRight Wing Watch


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