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Alabama Pastor’s Wife Works At Abortion Clinic (Video)

Callie Chatman is a Baptist preacher's wife and a certified medical technician at Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery, Alabama.

David Day, a Mission Service Corps missionary, posted a video (below) last week of Pastor Louis Chatman dropping his wife off for work.

Chatman recently defended her choice to work at the women's health clinic, which provides numerous services, including abortion.

"I feel that we have all sinned. None of us are perfect. No sin is greater than any sin. I don't know why, other than that's the only decision [abortion] that a woman could make. That's her right to make that decision because that's her body," Chatman told The Christian Post.

"I'm not there to judge anybody. I'm there to let them know that God is a forgiving God and that he will forgive them of their sin. Just like he forgives us every day for sin," added Chatman.

"She only comes in one day a week when we have procedures [abortions]," an employee of Reproductive Services told The Christian Post.

When asked about those who oppose what she's doing, Chatman replied, "You know what? The activists need to get their lives together. When they become sin free then you call me back."

Day, the pro-life activist who posted the video on YouTube, wrote:

"Sadly, this is a Montgomery pastor dropping off his wife who works at the abortuar here in Montgomery. We have spoken to her often and the only response we get is that God forgives and we are not to judge. Her husband is the pastor of New Elam Baptist Church. Her son works here as well as the security."

"While it is sad that while babies are murdered and this issue with the pastor and his family, it shows the heart of man. Man's heart is desperately wicked. Jerimiah 17:9. What they do is normal for unrepentant sinners. The thing that always perplexes me is why did Christ die for those who twist His word, for those who murder babies? Because He does love us. We have all heard the stories of people repenting of sin who have worked in the abortion industry. Pray for the family, pray for those who work at the abortuary, pray for the parents who each week come to murder their baby. May God show them mercy and grace and Has shown to even the chief of sinners.”

Sources: The Christian Post, YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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