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Alabama Lawmaker: Don't Shop At Stores 'Not Owned By God-Fearing Christians'

Republican Alabama State Rep. Alan Harper advised people on a Nov. 30 Facebook posting not to shop at stores that are not owned by "God fearing Christians."

The posting has since been removed, but part of it stated: "The C stores/tobacco outlets, etc. with the lights around the windows and doors are not owned by God fearing Christians," notes

"In large part, these stores are owned by folk that send their profits back to their homeland and then in turn use these funds against our country to create turmoil, fear and in some cases death and destruction," Harper added.

"I realize I am 'painting with a broad brush' here, but the madness has to stop," Harper insisted. "Please join me in making the extra effort to never support these stores/shops! I am trying to do my part and I know you will too."

Many people on Facebook were offended by the lawmaker's advice, and his subsequent answer to a question.

One Facebook commenter asked Harper how to know if the store was OK to shop at, and the lawmaker reportedly replied, "Look behind the cash register. Most are owner/operators."

Harper would not respond to's interview request, but he added to his posting: "God bless each and everyone and God Bless America! Isn't it funny when things are taken out of context. Please buy American every chance you get to build our local economies ... where we know the revenues stay here in the good old United States of America! May God Bless!"

Harper told The Tuscaloosa News via text message that he stood by his now-removed posting, and that his intent was "to simply say 'buy locally and buy American.'"

"God bless America!," Harper added.

Source:, The Tuscaloosa News, Alan Harper/Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot

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