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Air Force Academy Caves to "Anti-Christian" Activist

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Talk about bullying; Mikey Weinstein has them all beat. He has now played Grinch to thousands of needy children around the world. How? The outspoken anti-Christian activist has browbeaten the U.S. Air Force Academy into dropping Franklin Graham's "Operation Christmas Child."

Why? Because the long-time project of Rev. Graham's Samaritan's Purse ministry provides shoeboxes to hundreds of thousands of needy children around the world with Scripture messages. The shoeboxes contain toys, toiletries, and messages of hope. They note the boxes are sent from the love of Christ. The charity effort had been spearheaded by compassionate Air Force cadets. The Christian cadets want to share from the bounty we enjoy in America. All that was enough to raise Mikey Weinstein's hackles. Mr. Weinstein runs something called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. They're all for "religious freedom"-- unless it happens to be Christian. A secular toy drive would be OK, Weinstein said.

Backing down, the Air Force Academy dropped the charity but will allow the institution's chaplains to continue to collect contributions -- for now. This is a part of Weinstein's long running crusade against Evangelicals at the Air Force Academy. Unfortunately, military leaders are all too ready to retreat in this brave new anti-Christian, anti-American environment created by President Obama and his Administration. I weighed in on this story earlier today over at


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