Christian Activist Slams CDC's HIV/AIDS Program


Linda Harvey, who heads the Ohio-based Christian organization Mission America, called on the incoming President-elect Donald Trump administration on Dec. 6 to take aim at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) because of its efforts to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

In an op-ed for WorldNet Daily, Harvey painted homosexuality as unnecessary: "And as most well-informed Americans know, no person is born 'gay,' so this conduct is completely unnecessary."

Harvey also made the extraordinary assertion that about 1 million people living with HIV believe the incurable disease is "not such a big deal in the era of anti-retroviral drug treatment."

Harvey added that many Americans "long for an Uncle Sam public health message that tells the truth: No male ever needs to engage in anal sex with another male, and we need to stop accommodating homosexual behavior and 'gay' identity at the CDC."

Harvey called for Republican Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, who has been named by Trump to head the Health and Human Services Department, to "drain the swamp" by targeting the CDC HIV/AIDS program, which Harvey called a "nest of vipers."

Harvey complained that the CDC treats "homosexual behavior as a respectable identity instead of what it actually is -- high-risk, unnecessary deviance that no one needs to engage in."

Harvey also lamented that the CDC encourages people to get tested for HIV:

CDC has become largely ineffective on the HIV/AIDS issue related to homosexual behavior, adopting shoot-itself-in-the-foot tactics of self-perpetuation. For instance, one new CDC HIV program is called “Doing It." This suggestively named campaign validates the known transmission vehicle of anal sex.

"Doing It" refers to the recommendation to get tested for HIV. That’s the current CDC epidemic-management emphasis, virtually ignoring the real solution: abstinence.

The CDC does advocate abstinence on its website: "The most reliable way to avoid infection is to not have sex (i.e., anal, vaginal or oral)." The CDC also supports mutual monogamy and reducing the number of sex partners.

Harvey insisted, "No male is 'gay,'" and complained that the CDC uses the words "males who have sex with males" when describing same-sex sexual activity.

Harvey called on the CDC to say: "Don’t have anal sex, period."

As a matter of record, simply abstaining from anal sex does not stop the transmission of HIV.

Harvey asserted that anti-LGBT Christians like her were on the "right side of history" during her radio show last weekend, reports Right Wing Watch:

I am very concerned about the idea that anybody would ever think that the behavior of sodomy, that's really what it is, and that people believing they can change into the opposite sex would ever be enshrined in our 1964 Civil Rights Act. Does this just bother you immensely like it bothers me that the National Review would say that? It's just incredible...

It will be seen that the Christian view was the right side of history. They keep saying that we’re on the wrong side of history; we are not. It will be proven and it’s already showing itself for anyone who cares to look.

Sources: WorldNet Daily, CDC, Right Wing Watch / Photo credit: Right Wing Watch

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