ACLU Protests Kansas School District’s Decision to Allow Pro-Creationism Speaker


The American Civil Liberates Union has involved itself with a southwest Kansas school district and its decision to have a pro-creationism group to speak to students about dinosaurs.

The Hugoton district has roughly 1,100 students and had planned on hosting assemblies that “spread creationism” to the student body, according to an email the ACLU got its hands on.

The Oklahoma based “Creation Truth Foundation” was to speak at several events on school property in the next week, which raised concerns for the ACLU.

According to Foundation instructor Matt Miles, creationism will only be discussed during events outside of the school day.

"We're going to come in and talk about dinosaurs, so nothing Biblical," Miles said

Superintendent Mark Crawford is already on record as saying he will not cancel the assemblies. "I agree with the ACLU, in that, if a mandatory all-school assembly where creationist truths or creationist beliefs were expressed, that would be inappropriate public-school content, and that is not the case," Crawford said. "It's completely and totally school appropriate."

Doug Bonney, legal director for the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri said the chance for constitutional violations is high. “Their whole evangelical reason for being is to promote Biblical creationism."

The ACLU has “respectfully asked” the district to cancel the school assemblies, but they are still scheduled to begin next week.

Sources: RawStory, KansasCityStar


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