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Accelerated Christian Education Home School Courses Ask Dumb Questions

Blogger Jonny Scarmanga, who describes himself as a "former Christian fundamentalist," recently wrote about some of the dumber questions in Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) home schooling courses.

Scarmanga wrote on his blog that fourth-graders were given this sentence: “Children played happily in the water spout.”

They were then asked to pick the best answer for a water spout: “A stream of water,” “Two dry ducks” or “Playground.”

Another sentence states: “Elisabeth Howard sat and listened carefully.” The question asks if Elisabeth Howard is “a kind of airplane” or “a missionary.”

Seventh-graders are asked to choose who “can touch the lives of their students” and are given the choices "Sports Coaches," "Piano Tuners" or "Librarians."

“The correct answer, for those puzzled, is piano tutors,” wrote Scaramanga. “It’s not that ACE doesn’t believe that sports coaches or librarians can touch students’ lives. The point is that the exact sentence, ‘Piano tutors can touch the lives of their students,’ has previously appeared in [an ACE packet], and the student is expected to remember this. Verbatim regurgitation of previously seen material is the entire point of the ACE system.”

12th graders were asked to identify the main characters in the play "Macbeth." The choices are “Three Weird Sisters,” “Malcolm or Donalbain,” “Shakespeare and the Groundlings,” or “Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.”

ACE is accredited by the Middle States Associations on Elementary and Secondary Schools and by voucher programs in 11 states.

The Guardian notes that ACE also includes political and religious views in questions.

Science courses emphasize young Earth creationism (the earth is only a few thousand years old). In math, students calculate the dimensions and size of Noah's ark. In economics, Keynesian ideas are wrong while Adam Smith's right wing conservative views are correct.

In geography, ACE claims: "God blessed the United States, and it became the strongest and most prosperous nation on Earth."

In history, students are taught that Jesus commanded people to make a profit, giving away "handouts to citizens" is contrary to the founding fathers and non-taxpayers should not vote.

The biology courses teach: "When you have successfully completed this [course], you should be able... to tell why abortion is wrong."

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