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a quote from God

"you believe in heaven,  I believe in Hell!"  God told me one night. 

I have been talking to him for 5 years and he is a very bitter and self righteous God.  He doesn't have any churches down here since the International Curch of Christ.  He left them because "They Destroyed a lot of people". 

You religious people are crazy to think that you are saved.  Why would he save you?  God doesn't love you, he is critical of you...It is impossible for him to love anyway because he is so jaded...he has been hurt so many times by humans...he doesn't care anymore. 

You nonbelievers are screwed too...but at least you dont support his facade...yes facade...We made god a facade by telling everybody how great God is...and that he loves everybody...the bible helped create this facade by telling everybody God forgives sin and he loves us.  the truth is God cant love more than a few people...he has limits...then jesus can love a few and teh angels can do some things...but there is no way he can love all of us. 


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