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Right and Left Wingers: A Plague on Both Their Houses

  I suppose I'm something of a moderate. I disgust both right and left wingers. Conservatives think I'm a left-wing pinko commie, and a baby-killing, homosexual-loving atheist because I happen to be pro-choice,pro gay rights, pro separation of church and state, pro reasonable gun control but not confiscating weapons from law-abiding citizens, against the death penalty, opposed to agenda of the religious right, believe in government help for those in need and am opposed to reducing taxes to the point where the country could not function, don't believe that prosperity can ever "trickle down," etc.

  But doctrinaire left-wingers don't like me because I loathe political correctness and multiculturalism, don't see racism and sexism everywhere in America and don't think it's racist and sexist nation because these things exist everywhere, don't blame America for all the world's ills, support Israel, believe in capitalism, but not the kind which destroys the safety net for the poor, have never believed in Marxism or communism, and don't have the slightest admiration for murderous tyrnats such as Stalin, Mao Zedong, Castro, Che Guevara, or Hugo Chavez, etc.

  But a right-wing government in America could be highly tyrannical too, if right-wing extremists were to get in power in America in the next presidential election or future ones. Add to these the poisonous influence of the religious right and you have a recipe for catastrophe in America in the future.

  If such narrow-minded,intolerant, self-righteous and unscrupulous politicians got their way they would trun this nation into a a land where homosexuals were persecuted, poor pregnant women were forced to back-alley abortionists while those who could afford it would easily fly off to countries where they could get safe legal ones,and the poorest women would die from self-induced abortions, and abortions would skyrocket because poor preganat women got no help from the government and contraceptives were illegal, also creating a black market in contraceptives.

  Students in public schools would be required to participate in Christian prayers and Bible readings even if they came from Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist or agnostic homes. Creationism would be taught as scientific fact,not a religious myth, prohibition might return and alcoholic beverages illegal again, as well as gambling.

  The government would censor and ban any film, television, book or other publication those in charge deemed indecent and obscene. The government would invade our bedrooms. Corporations would be free to exploit and harm the public and despoil  the environment with impunity. The death penalty would be applied not only to murder, but to women who had abortions and doctors who performed them, and to others who displeased the government for whatever reason.

  Greater prosperity for Americans would not happen. It would be even much more difficult for the poor to escape poverty, and many of the middle class would sink helplessly into poverty,while the rich would get richer. Is this what America needs?

  Presidents would be sworn in swearing on the constitution to uphold the Bible, not swearing on the Bible to uphold the constitution. In short, a theocracy and a police state little better than Iran or Saudi Arabia,or Afghanistan under the Taliban.

  Barack Obama, whatever his faults and whatever the mistakes and failures of his administration, is no tyrant. He has not had a single American arrested,let alone executed for speaking out against him or protesting in public, despite the hysterically paranoid claims of the right about his supposed evil intentions.

  And conservatives talk about "restoring freedom to America". But with freedom like this, who needs tyranny? It's not communism that's a threat to America. Communism is pretty much dead and buried, thank heaven.  The real threat is from the right. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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