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Is there a God? A Leap of Faith

Let’s All Have Faith

If something cannot be proven, there is likely to be a reason for it. If something cannot be seen, it can still be proven. Gravity cannot be seen by any of our current technology. But its effects can be seen and measured. Just try dropping an iron weight on your toe. Or do you think that was a spiritual effect by god to punish you for being stupid enough to drop it on your toe?

Gravity can be measured, its actions observed and even predicted.  I knew that weight was going to hurt your toe. You probably did too, so you decided not to drop it on your foot.

“But you must have Faith!” OK, I am willing to test that. Are you?

I invite you to the roof of my building. It’s not too high, between 25 and 30 meters (80 to 90 feet).  I hand you a large belt and tell you to put it on. As you are buckling it, I explain that it is an anti-gravity belt I have built. I add that it repels gravitational force, just as ordinary magnets repel each other.  

Like magnets, the closer it is to the earth, the more powerfully it works. So, when you first step off the roof, you’ll fall fairly fast. But as you near the concrete parking lot below, you’ll slow down until you stop just a short distance above the ground. Way more fun than bungee jumping, right?

Now go on, step off the roof. What? You want to know how it works? The secret was revealed to me by a space alien in a series of visions. He also told me that drinking too much alcohol was bad for me. I know that to be true, so this has to be true, too. It’s too complicated for you to understand anyway. You need me to interpret its action for you and for you to have faith.    

Yes, I’ve already tried it, now it’s your turn. Off you go now. Take a leap of faith.


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