Atheist: "Evangelicalism is Not Doing Well"


I know beyond a shadow of doubt that evangelical (or conservative) Christianity is wrong, false, and that only deluded people think otherwise. I have to be. For I'm risking their particular hell fire, so to speak. Almost everyone agrees with me too. Global religious diversity shows us this. Even among people claiming to be Christians most of them are not evangelicals. Evangelicalism is a small slice of the religious pie, and they even have their own disputes over who are true Christians, so for them it's even a smaller slice of the pie. These are all well-known facts from which we can make a few observations.

1) Despite what it appears to evangelicals from being cloistered within their own walls, evangelicalism is not doing well. Stepping outside the confines of their cult can help educate them as to why they believe, and it's not because of the so-called contrived evidence. Rather, it's called indoctrination, enculturation and brainwashing.

2) When they defend Christianity from skeptics they usually do not defend what they actually believe, but rather what Christians in general believe. That's one reason why William Lane Craig won't debate the reliability of the Bible, because if he did so he would alienate other Christians who disagree.

3) When they argue that the choices are between Christianity and atheism they have grossly and unfairly stacked the deck in their favor. They do so because this is what it takes to defend what they believe. The religious choices are numerous which makes agnosticism the default position. The religious mind can accept so many different faiths because of the perceived need to believe. That's just not good enough without the requisite evidence to believe.


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