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Seventh Grade Student Stands Up To Teacher Who Told Her God Is A Myth (Video)

Texas middle school student Jordan Wooley stood up for her beliefs after one of her teachers allegedly threatened to fail her if she didn’t deny God’s existence (video below).

Wooley, a seventh grade student at West Memorial Junior High School, explained during a Katy Independent School District board meeting that she was given an assignment that questioned her faith.

“We were asked to take a poll to say whether God is fact, opinion or a myth, and she told anyone who said fact or opinion was wrong and God was only a myth,” Wooley said, according to EAGnews.

Although many students objected to the teacher’s response, the teacher allegedly refused to retract her statement. According to Wooley, the teacher explicitly told students who believed in God that they were wrong and would get in trouble.

Wooley argued with the teacher by referencing stories from the Bible and using the experiences of those who supposedly died, went to Heaven and returned.

“I know it wasn’t just me who was affected by it,” Wooley said. “My friend, she went home and started crying.”

After class, Wooley told her mother about the assignment. Wooley’s family then contacted the school principal, who reportedly promised to investigate the teacher’s actions.

School board members also promised to “look into” the issue, but noted that school administrators would primarily be charged with the task.

Alice Linahan, an education activist in Texas, noted that the way district officials respond to the case could be an important indicator of the future of religion in Texas schools.

Linahan pointed to standards that require teachers to "connect concepts and use differing perspectives to engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem solving related to authentic local and global issues."

"Will Texas students get a good job when they grow up because they can read well, write well, do math and know history?" Linahan told EAGnews. "Or will they get a good job, without strong academics, but an emotional attachment and classroom experience to save the world on a global level from a humanist viewpoint, without a belief in God?"

"Parents know the truth, and we are not going to stand by and watch them do this to our children," she added.

"Whatever happened to learning the 'three R's?'" writes Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief of "Now, students barely into their teens are being forced to defend their faith. Is this middle school or the Inquisition?"

Sources: EAGnews, / Photo Credit: YouTube 


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