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60-Year-Old Pastor Marries Teenager With Support Of His Wife

Thom Miller, an Ohio-based pastor, has married a teenage woman and is having a child with her, all with the support of his 44-year-old wife Belinda.

The 60-year-old, who spent time earlier in life behind bars as a member of the mob, says that all three are satisfied with the arrangement, according to Barcroft Media.

“The whole situation works for all three of us,” Miller told Barcroft. “I am the only one who is allowed to have more than one partner — and both of my wives understand and appreciate that.”

He refers to the two women as “sister wives.”

Miller married 19-year-old Reba Kerfootruba and she is now expecting their first child. 

“The baby will have two moms, which I’m okay with,” Kerfootruba said.

Miller is in the process of building a bigger home in Mansfield, Ohio, so he can divide his time between his two wives. But he maintains that the set-up does not only benefit him.

“It means they always have a friend with them,” Miller said.

While thanking god for his two wives, Miller acknowledged that his church is not supportive of his lifestyle.

“I don’t preach about polygamy, but I feel it’s a very Christian lifestyle,” he said. “This is America and my wives and I have a right to live any way we please, providing we’re not hurting anybody.”

Polygamy is illegal in all 50 U.S. states.

“I wanted to have more of a family — having another lady in the house not only makes our family whole but individually it’s a beautiful thing because it’s like having a sister around,” Belinda said. “Thom is the love of my life and Reba is the blessing of my life, so it all works.”

The story of Miller and his two wives has gone viral, but there could well be more to come, according to the Richland Source.

“Something much bigger is coming in two to three days,” Miller told Source reporter Dillon Carr, who unsuccessfully tried to set up an interview with the pastor. Miller’s reason for rejecting the interview was that he wants to let Barcroft break the new story later this week.

Sources: Barcroft Media via New York Post, Richland Source / Photo credit: Keoni Cabral/Flickr

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