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'It Is Disgusting': U.K. Father Accused Of Posing Children In Front Of ISIS Flag (Photos)

Photos featuring the children of a British man convicted of supporting the Islamic State (ISIS) in London have been uncovered, showing them posing in front of the terrorist organizations flag. 

Ibrahim Anderson, 38, was convicted on Jan. 22 of promoting ISIS on the streets of Luton with another man, 63-year-old Shah Jahan Khan, in August 2014, BBC reported. They allegedly distributed leaflets and spoke with people in an attempt to recruit them as jihadist supporters.

Anderson, who represented himself in court, said he was simply practicing his religion and exercising his freedom of speech.

Based on the photos obtained from Anderson’s cellphone camera, he wanted his children to show support for ISIS too, The Daily Mail reports.

The first photo shows Anderson’s 6-year-old son smiling while he poses in front of the Islamic State flag, holding a sword.

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(Photo Source: Duncan Gardham via The Daily Mail)

The second photo shows his older brother, 8, with the same sword, also in front of the flag.

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(Photo Source: Duncan Gardham via The Daily Mail)

The final photo is of the boys’ sister, who is believed to be under the age of 3, sitting on a couch, wearing a pink hijab, with the flag on the wall behind her.

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(Photo Source: Duncan Gardham via The Daily Mail)

The photographs were reportedly taken on Anderson’s cellphone in October 2014 and were discovered by detectives when they searched his home two months later.

They were shown to the jury during his trial.

“I can’t believe he made his children pose with the [ISIS] flag, it is disgusting,” Anderson’s stepfather, Martin Warner, told The Daily Mail. “He is a total idiot, a fanatic. He is the sort of person who would blow himself up or plant a bomb. He is dangerous. They should throw him in prison and throw away the key.”

“These images are disturbing and demonstrate the extent to which people are prepared to go in support of IS,” U.K. parliament member Keith Vaz said.

Sources: BBC, The Daily Mail / Photo Source: Duncan Gardham via The Daily Mail

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