5th Grader Threatens to Kill Classmates, Sell Her Soul to the Devil

A 5th grader in Sacramento, Calif., allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and threatened other classmates this week.

Students in the combined 5th and 6th grade classroom at John Sloat Elementary School said the girl told them she wanted to sell her soul to the devil.

Some parents were upset that school officials did not notify them of the incident until after school. "To not be notified all day until 6:30 at night last that was real upsetting," said Antonio Farinias. "Because when I picked up my kids from school they were in tears."

The girl was sent to the office Thursday for allegedly threatening classmates in a classroom and in a bathroom

A 6-year-old girl hiding in a bathroom stall heard the 6th grader’s bizarre claims. “She said she kept on telling them ‘I’m the devil and he’s the devil too. We here to kill people,’” the girl’s grandmother told CBS.

Students say the girl claimed to be a member of the secret-society The Illuminati and drew both Illiminati symbols and 666 on the bathroom wall.

One parent told CBS, the girl said she “sold her soul to the devil and she had a list of kids she wanted to kill, and on that list was my son’s name.”

Students said her outburst went on for at least an hour, while their teacher told them to ignore the girl, who he said was just trying to get attention.

6th grade Zionni Ibarra was too upset to ignore her. "She said she wanted to sell her soul to the devil," Ibarra said. "And she said she'll kill everybody."

"Everybody just started crying because they were scared that they were going to die that day," 6th grader Elizabeth Martinez added. 

The girl took a pair of scissors, witnesses said, and attacked another student.

"I seen her try to cut herself and draw blood," 5th grader Xavier Monti explained. "But then she got up and tried to stab another girl a seat away from her."

At some point the girl was taken to the office. Parents were called Thursday evening and students were sent home with a letter Friday giving school official's version of events.

"Authorities are investigating a disturbance inside a John Sloat Elementary School classroom [Thursday]", said Gabe Ross, Sacramento City Unified School District Chief Communications Officer, in a statement. "The school responded immediately and all students were safe. The incident did not involve weapons and no one was physically harmed. Counseling and other resources have been made available to all John Sloat students today and will continue to be available as needed."

"There was a weapon involved. It was a pair of scissors," Farinias said. "So it shocks me to see there are false statements in here knowing otherwise what happened at school yesterday."

Some parents believe the girl should have been removed from the class sooner.

"They should have stopped it right away," said Aime Martinez. "And not let her scare them more."

"With all the stuff going on in school, what does it take for a child to show you something is wrong and for her to follow through with what she says she is going to do?” Farinias asked.

Other parents were happy with the school’s response. "[Taking care of the issue] was more important than us being notified," said Mary Walters. "Yeah, we got notified late, and I'm gonna go with that, but our children were safe, and they made sure our children were safe, and that's what was important."

The cause of the girl’s outburst has not been reported.

"You never know what to tell your kids when they come home telling you 'hey this happened, that happened,' and there's different rumors, and you're like 'which one do I believe? What really happened?'" said parent Rebecca Fox. "[The school district] can't tell you what really happened, you have all these questions and worry and wonder with your kids."

Sources: CBS Local, ABC News 10


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