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5-Year-Old Girl Kicked Out Of Christian School Over Her Lesbian Moms (Video)

A five-year old girl was kicked out of Mt. Erie Christian Academy in San Diego only days before school began because she has two lesbian mothers (video below).

One of the moms, who chose to be identified only as "Sheena" (pictured), told 10News that her daughter attended the church's preschool and summer, and everyone knew about the family's structure.

Sheena and her wife, Lashaune, were called to a meeting with the pastor shortly before Labor Day.

"It was heartbreaking," Sheena added. "I didn't finish the conversation with them when they took us in the room because I just, I didn't want to look at them any longer. I just couldn't believe that they did that."

The moms are now searching for a lawyer to sue the school for a civil rights violation, but it is a religious-based institution, which legal experts say could pose a problem for the women.

A woman, who self-identified as the director of the school, told 10News that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, and the school doesn't condone any sinful lifestyles.

Sheena countered, "What does our family life have to do with anyone else? It's like no one's gonna be in danger."

In another controversial issue, two schools in Worcester, Massachusetts, have banned hoodies. The district's school safety liaison claims the ban is to provide school safety, notes WCVB.

The liaison added that there was a connection between hoodies and gangs, but some students are circulating a petition to get rid of the ban.

Sources: 10News, WCVB / Photo Credit: ABC 10 News Screenshot


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