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5 Things The Zionist Narrative Is Doing Right

The Zionist Narrative is an online magazine publication whose primary mission is to showcase the people who support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State. This magazine publishes articles about people who support Israel and discusses with them why they do. They publish a variety of interviews, personal narratives, short stories, poetry and opinion pieces throughout their online platform.

Through showcasing the people who stand with Israel, the magazine seeks to empower the Pro-Israel voice using its legal freedom of expression. By promoting the very people who support Israel, they seek to amplify the solidarity movement that already exists on college campuses. Through social media they hope to enlighten their diverse audience with information that would otherwise be rejected or ignored in mainstream media, as well as illustrate just how strong the Pro-Israel voice today actually is, especially on college campuses.

Now, onto the 5 things that this magazine is doing right.

1)The Right Message:

Emphasizing the human aspect of supporting Israel, this online magazine fosters a connection between its readers and Zionism. The magazine not only promotes support of Israel through the interviews and personal narratives that it publishes, but it also enhances the Jewish community’s appreciation for unique personalities who stand up for what they believe in—specifically, for Israel as a Jewish State. This would have a compounding effect as more and more people realize that supporting Israel is, in fact, agreeable no matter the political climate, both on college campus and outside as well.

2) The Right Approach:
The Zionist Narrative magazine makes full use the modern internet platform, fitting itself with broad layouts and a simplistic design. It lends itself to easy reads and hence, easy understanding and internalization of what is happening in and around the Jewish Community. It is also very admirable that despite the recent campus climate on the UCLA campus (with both the graduate and undergraduate BDS propositions - which is the political agenda of the Students for Justice in Palestine organization - passing unhindered), the students are nonetheless taking initiative in their own future as well as the in future generations of Jews and Pro-Israel supporters that will come after them. It is also refreshing to note, as I have read on their “Who We Are” page, that their staff not only consists of UCLA Bruins, but also a great many CSUN Matadors. I couldn’t be more pleased that these two large college campuses are working together to intertwine the Jewish community not only of Los Angeles but also of the Greater San Fernando Valley.

3) The Right People:
So far, the magazine has been live for only a couple of weeks and yet the intensity of the first interview titled “Legacy, Life and Zion” with UCLA’s Prize-Winning Professor Judea Pearl, paired with the grounded personal narrative of both Lone Soldier “Amit Ninary” and Birthright participant “Tomer Solel” gave me a sense of genuine participation. I fit somewhere in between. I can place myself not merely as a viewer and a reader but also as a participant. And that is something that very few magazines can pull off.

4) The Right Use of Social Media:
I have noticed The Zionist Narrative magazine’s online presence not only through the website publications themselves but also through social media. I cannot say that I am the most savvy when it comes to Facebook or other social media platforms, but the way the magazine is going about it is quite different from what I have previously experienced. The messages and notifications do actually make me want to click and read the articles mainly due to the sheer aesthetic appeal that of the thumbnails alone. I understand that marketing is a tough business, but when it is done with finesse and care, the benefits can be exponential. I have yet to receive their newsletters as I have only recently signed up via e-mail, but I am curious as to what the magazine will bring to the table next.

5) The Right Audience:

…Meaning you! The magazine makes it perfectly clear in their “Submit Your Work” page that they genuinely take submissions—in fact, they note that they need them for the magazine to flourish and that the more the merrier. Through the detailed effort and meticulous points noted in that page, there comes off an air of necessity. This means that the staff of this magazine will take their submissions with the full responsibility that a professional magazine should, approaching each and every submission with care and deliberation. I am genuinely delighted by the promise this magazine has to the Jewish Community of the Greater San Fernando Valley area and am intrigued by the future of this magazine. Will it succumb to the commonplace air of the many publications that lose sight of their initial focus only for the sake of entering the mainstream, or will it stick to its intrinsic and initial values that it has so boldly set forth? Only time will tell for sure as I fully intend to continue coming back and watching this magazine's progression.

Be sure to check out the magazine’s website here or to follow them on social media, click here.


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