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5 Indonesia Teen Girls Charged with ‘Blasphemy’ for Dancing to Maroon 5 During Muslim Prayer

Five Indonesian teens have been arrested and expelled for dancing to a Maroon 5 song while engaging in prayer at their school.

The teens were charged with blasphemy under Article 156 Section A of Indonesia's penal code for "tainting religion" by combining prayer with Maroon 5's "One More Night." The students from Tolitoli, a district in Central Sulawesi, were also expelled from school after the video gained popularity.

"The students were performing Sholat [prayer] movement with dancing while alternately reciting [the] Quran and turning on 'One More Night' music," the school's principal explained in a statement. "The activity was recorded with a mobile phone of one of the students and they forced another student to hold the phone for a duration of five to six minutes."

Cellphones are also not allowed in the school.

The students could face jail time for blasphemy against religion, which carries a maximum sentence of five years. The case is still pending and additional charges could be added.

The video of the students has been viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube.

Sources: NYDailyNews, HuffingtonPost


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