37 Percent Of Americans Worry About Islamic Sharia Law Coming To U.S.


Most of the victims of the terrorist group ISIS have been Muslims, but 27 percent of Americans believe that ISIS "gives a true indication of what an Islamic society looks like," according to a new poll.

Newly-released surveys taken by LifeWay Research (a non-profit Christian research group) also say that 45 percent of senior Protestant pastors believe that ISIS represents an Islamic society.

The surveys also found that 37 percent of Americans worry that Islamic Sharia law will come to the U.S., even though that would clearly violate U.S. law.

"People are increasingly antagonistic, and religious leaders are particularly antagonistic towards Islam, and perhaps what people are seeing nightly on TV news is driving this," Ed Stetzer, executive director of LifeWay Research, told USA Today. "They think about it and say, 'I see this every night. I don't want this here.'"

However, The Atlantic noted that Americans are statistically as likely to be killed by a terrorist as they are to be killed by their own furniture.

According to numbers from the Centers or Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are more likely to be killed by heart disease (595,339 yearly deaths), diabetes (73,282), and flu/pneumonia (53,667) than by a terrorist.

The Lancet, a medical journal, reported that medical errors kill about 180,000 Americans per year.

CNN reported, "In 2010, 13,186 people died in terrorist attacks worldwide; in that same year, in America alone, 31,672 people lost their lives in gun-related deaths..."

Sources: LifeWay Research, USA Today, The Atlantic, Centers or Disease Control and Prevention, The Lancet, CNN
Image Credit: Matt57


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