32-Year-Old Virgin Reveals The Very Special Reason She’s Saving Herself For

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On social media, she goes by the name FullyRawKristina and is not shy about sharing revealing images of herself. However, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram also talks openly about the fact that she is still a virgin at 32-years-old, despite having a long-time boyfriend. While this topic is taboo for most young people and even a source of shame, Kristina uses it to her advantage as a “highly sexual person” and has gained quite a YouTube following party due to this differentiating factor.

On Instagram, Kristina celebrated surviving 18 months with her boyfriend and not having sex. Kristina wanted to dispel confusion about her Christian reasons for remaining a virgin. And she decided to share the YouTube video about it and finally explain her side of the story.


For more than a decade she owned and operated an organic produce shop, which she has now closed down as her life is “evolving” and “transforming.

Kristina is of Lebanese and Ecuadorian descent and admitted that she grew up in a “very Orthodox Christian” home and therefore her Christian parents taught her how to “’always did the right thing.”


She said: “I still uphold those beliefs and cherish them and love them.”

Although she was “pretty young” when she first experienced romantic love, she’s always been able to maintain her virginity.


“I was saving myself for marriage for this beautiful human who I still love very much,” she said. “Because for me, I couldn’t’ imagine a greater gift to give my husband than the one thing that nobody else could possibly ever have from me.”

Because she’s saving herself for marriage, she put her sexual energy into her business, which she started when she was eighteen.


“I’ve put so much of my passion, that drive, that energy, and, yes, a lot of that sexual energy into my career as well because it’s taken so much from me,” the young virgin said.

She understands that many women date men who pressure them for sex. That’s why she seeks men who want more from a relationship than physical intimacy.


“Nobody takes time to get to know each other and to commit and to love each other,” she said. “Because this right here is so scared. You’re not just having sex. You are exchanging energies.”

Kristina recently ended a relationship with a man, which was the “most hurtful one” out of all her love interests.

“Whether or not I am still saving myself for marriage, a requirement for me is that whoever I decide to give this to I must feel safe with,” she said. “I want to feel like I’m deeply connected with them and loved by them. This isn’t just a sexual act for me. This is my purity. This is a part of my soul that you’re taking, or that I’m gifting to you. It would be really nice to know that that other person cherishes you enough in a way to where they can celebrate that connection with you.”

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Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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