"180" Film Exposes Shocking U.S. Ignorance of Adolf Hitler


LOS ANGELES --- While students in Thailand dress up as Nazis,[1] oblivious to the controversy they cause, a new award-winning video about the Holocaust is going viral on YouTube. Simply called "180," the video opens with 14 people (mainly U.S. college students) who don't have a clue who Adolf Hitler was.

Los Angeles-based film producer Ray Comfort, who is Jewish, said he's "concerned not only about ignorant students in Thailand, but about ignorance in our own backyard." The gripping film is apparently striking a nerve, with over 188,000 views in less than three days. 

Comfort attributes the video's popularity to the fact that it is "so compelling. You can't look away as you watch a neo-Nazi atheist (who, with a 14-inch blue Mohawk, is as colorful as his language) who loves Hitler and hates Jews, blacks, and America." There are thousands of comments on YouTube, many praising the film: "The best 33 minutes of video ever made," "Absolutely powerful! The whole world needs to see this!" and "Best of the best. Most powerful documentary ever." 

One commenter admitted, "I didn't really know about Hitler and the savage he was... I feel sick to my stomach and my heart is softened by this video."

Despite the glowing reviews of the film's effectiveness -- or perhaps because of them -- some atheists are making a concerted effort to hijack "180," by reposting a modified version.[2] 

Comfort plans to distribute more than 200,000 free copies of the "180" DVD to students at 100 of America's top universities, in an effort to educate them about the consequences of forgetting the Holocaust. One of those consequences, Comfort says, is a disrespect for human life. The award-winning documentary can be viewed online at www.180Movie.com or below:

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