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18-Year-Old Girl Cuts Off 5-Year-Old Brother’s Penis And Eats It For A Disturbing Reason


A young girl has proven that she got influenced by the wrong people. As part of a satanic ritual, the girl, 18, tortured her five-year-old brother to death before she severed his penis from his body and ate it in a cannibalistic ritual. Besides the aforementioned cruelties, she also severed the child’s head from his body to culminate her commitment to Satan during the ritualistic act, which occurred not long ago in Brazil.

Police found the boy’s mangled body on the floor in a geometric shape outlined with candles. The teenager girl has since confessed to her crimes, admitting she tortured her little brother to death before eating his body part and severing his head from his shoulders.


Police now want to know whether the crime was linked to a black magic ritual. Although it seems like it was, they are not leaving any stones unturned and want to know the full truth behind the death of the innocent five-year-old boy.

The cannibal’s name is Karina Roque. She confessed to killing her five-year-old brother Maycon Roque and eating part of him. The boy’s body was found by his mother on Thursday night after a relative entered the home in Sao Roque, which is located in the southeastern section of Brazil. The family member found Karina standing beside the mutilated remains of the little boy as candles surrounded him in an apparent black magic ritual.

When detectives arrived on the scene, only the veterans were capable of examining the situation. The rookies could not handle the abuses that the little boy had suffered because his body was left in such a grotesque state.


Not only was the child’s head partly decapitated, but his penis was also missing because the teenage girl had eaten it. Maycon’s eyes were also pierced, and his wrists had been slashed. His feet were burned.

Karina told police that she “cut off her brother’s genital organs and eaten it.”

The incident happened rather quickly. The mother left the five-year-old in the care of Karina because she had to go shopping. When she returned hours later, the door was locked, and another family member had to break into the house – that’s when they found the child mangled and tortured.


When the mother saw what her 18-year-old daughter had done, she passed out from the shock. Neighbors came to support her. Karina also tried to escape the scene, but she was detained until police arrived to arrest her.

Detective Anderson Goes was on the case. He has never seen anything so horrific.

“They tried to prevent her from running, but she apparently became very aggressive and started throwing objects. He uncle was hit and injured by a stone, and she bit the family dog which attacked her while she was being restrained by relatives.”


Besides the boy’s body, police also found marijuana in the house.

“We are investigating if the child was killed during some kind of devil worshipping ritual,” Detective Goes said. “We want to know if the accused had links on social networks to a group of Satanists or black magic practitioners and if she was encouraged or incited by someone to commit the crime.”

She will also undergo drug testing.

Sources: The Sun / Photo Credit: Post Image

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