16-Year-Old Forced To Withdraw From Catholic Prep School Over Topless Picture


After sending a topless photo of herself to two star lacrosse players at her prestigious prep school, a 16-year-old girl claims she was forced to withdraw from the institution when they shared the photo with the rest of the team.

The teen, who doesn’t want to be identified, was a student at Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, Va., and also served as the manager of the lacrosse team. She says that she sent the photo to one of the boys as a dare.

“We were texting about this girl that used to be in love with him and how she sends him photos, and he said I would never do that,” she said. “He kept saying I wouldn't, so I said, ‘watch me.’ It was just a joke.” The photo then got forwarded to another friend and before she knew it, the entire lacrosse team had a copy, The Daily Mail reported.  

About a week later, the girl’s mother got an email from another parents saying that she had heard some of the boys on the lacrosse team joking around about the photo. The following day, the girl was called into the office of the Dean of Students, Patrick McGroarty, and told that her behavior was “outrageous.” He then suspended her.

The following week, the girl, her parents, teachers and the school principal attended a meeting about the incident. At the end of the meeting, the board unanimously decided that the teen should withdraw from Paul VI. The boys were not reprimanded at all.

In a letter to the school superintendent, the girl’s mother asked the district to rethink its decision (via Jezebel):

“Perhaps the biggest problem I have is that there was no compassion shown to my daughter. She was never counseled by Father Kelly, or even asked her side of the story. Why weren’t the children brought in all together and asked what happened? Why were the boys called to the AD’s office with their coach while my daughter was in with the Dean of Students? Why did the AD tell the boys that Alexis wouldn’t be in trouble? Why didn’t the Dean of Students believe Alexis when she said that the boys were the ones who sent the photo to everyone?”

(Alexis is not the girl’s real name.)

Sources: The Daily Mail, Jezebel


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