12-Year-Old Polish Girl Reportedly Hangs Herself So She Can See Her Deceased Father Again


When a child loses a parent or some other loved one, even a pet, what do you say to offer some comfort? Usually, “Daddy’s in heaven.” Or something to that effect.

If a heartbreaking story out of Poland is accurate, you might want to think twice before telling a child that kind of story again.

Someone must have tried to comfort Maria Kislo that way, when she was seven years old. The little Polish girl lost her daddy, Arek, to a massive heart attack in 2009.

Four years later, Maria, of Leszno, Poland, decided she could not wait any longer to see her father. She missed him too much.

So she hanged herself.

Her grief-strucken mother, Monika, found her when she went into the girl’s room to read her a bedtime story. She called her 13-year-old son Michal to cut his little sister down. He did, but it was too late.

Maria reportedly left her mother a note: “"Dear Mom,” she wrote. “Please don't be sad. I just miss daddy so much, I want to see him again."

"She didn't seem unhappy. She didn't have problems at school and she seemed a happy little girl,” said her mother. "I had no idea she missed her father so much, she never really spoke about it."

Those details were originally reported in England’s Daily Mirror newspaper. But in a bizarre, possible twist, the paper’s web site also ran reader comments on the story, one of which read:

“I'm the uncle of Marysia. PLEASE DON'T BELEVIE IN THIS! THIS ARTICLE IS FULL OF LIES!!!! Her father was murdered. She misses him but probably it wasn't the reason. We still don't know why she did this, we spoken to her 6 days before it and she was happy and making plans. Maybe something happens on the brithday party where she was that day. But I have one thing to say to the journalist who wrote that article - YOU ARE A LIAR WHO DIDN"T MATTER ABOUT MARYSIA! I HOPE YOU GO TO JAIL SOME DAY BECOUSE OF YOUR LIES... Please pray about her..”

(All spelling, punctuation and capitalization in original.)

The comment was signed by “Grzegorz Kowalski.” But there has been no confirmation as to the comment’s authenticity or accuracy.

SOURCES: Daily Mirror, Daily Mail


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