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Church Sign Blames 9/11 On '19 Muslim Immigrants'

The Lakeside Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Mooresville, North Carolina, ran a controversial message on its church sign: "19 Muslim immigrants killed 2977 Americans, Sept. 11, 2001," The Charlotte Observer reports. stated in 2013: "Only one of the 19 hijackers came to the U.S. on a student visa. The rest arrived here on tourist or business visas."

The terrorists used the visas to gain entrance to the U.S. to carry out their plot, not to lawfully immigrate as many Muslims have and still do.

Vic Johnson, public policy director for NAFSA: Association of International Educators, told the fact-checking website that misinformation plays into the stereotype "that foreign students are terrorists or dangerous people."

The church has also posted messages supporting President Donald Trump, and boycotting Disney's "Homosex movie Beauty and the Beast," according to The Observer.

Some have expressed their feelings about the signs on the church's Facebook page:

"I drive by this church every day and the signs displayed are increasingly hostile towards Muslims, gay/transgendered people and basically anybody who isn’t a bigot or a Trump supporter," one post reads.

Another person writes: "Excuse me, but [the Disney boycott posting] is sick.‌"

"Your so-called church is a blasphemous representation of true Christianity," a third post reads.

"If you and your parishioners wish to worship in such a (hateful) way, you need to keep it inside the walls of your narrow-minded church," another Facebook user commented.

Buddy Murrow, a former elder in the church, told The Charlotte Observer there was a break in the church in 2015 over the confrontational style of Pastor Joseph Alghrary, which led to the removal of all the elders and the exit of 45 church members.

Murrow often drives by his old church. He recalls seeing a sign that said: "Come to Jesus or go to hell."

Alghrary would not comment to the newspaper, but the church's website offers insight regarding its signs:

We are glad you took the time to investigate what is behind our sign on Williamson Rd. It is actually very simple. We are a Bible believing Church and want to be obedient to Scripture and the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ...

We don't hate anyone. We do want to speak the Truth, and feel that very few are willing to do so in this age of political correctness. We welcome anyone with further questions to visit us for Worship and see what we are really about. 

Don't fall prey to the hypocrisy of being prejudiced against those who you think are prejudiced nor intolerant of those who you think are intolerant. 

Murrow said the church's sign said "Come die with us" on May 18.

"I can conclude many things from that," Murrow told The Observer.

Sources:, The Charlotte Observer, Lakeside Fellowship Presbyterian Church / Photo Credit: Washuotaku/Wikimedia Commons

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