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$1 Billion Giant Cross, Tomb Planned by Christian Couple

Laurie and Mike Nowland, the founders of the "The Great Cross Alliance," want to raise one billion dollars from Christians to build a giant cross monument, which will lay on the ground and be 10 times the length of a NFL football field.

According to the Nowlands' press release, the giant cross will serve as "a massive columbarium and mausoleum that will be a physical memorial to Jesus Christ" in Reno, Nevada.

The Nowlands say on their website that "any person can be interred in the Great Cross without discrimination" and that Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Adventists and even agnostics served as advisers on the project.

If all goes as planned, the giant cross and tomb will start construction in 2014.

The Nowlands claim the unusual monument "will make a powerful, lasting, unifying statement about the Word of God as given to us through His Son, Jesus Christ."

Mike Nowland says he "saw the cross in a series of dreams."

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