$1,000 Reward to Find "Separation of Church & State" in Constitution

FAIRFAX, VA -- $1,000 is being offered -- including as a donation to CHRIS COONS' U.S. Senate Campaign in Delaware -- for anyone who can find the phrase "Separation of Church and State" in the U.S. Constitution, by Virginia attorney Jonathon Moseley. Moseley was the 2008 primary campaign manager for national Cinderella candidate CHRISTINE O'DONNELL.

In a US Senate debate on October 19, 2010, in Wilmington, Delaware, non-lawyer Christine O'Donnell bravely entered Widener Law School to debate lawyer Chris Coons on the Constitution before a crowd of law students and law professors.

O'Donnell called Coons on the carpet, correctly exposing Coons' misstatements about the First Amendment. Coons claimed that "separation of church and state" is found in the First Amendment. It is not.

When challenged by O'Donnell, Coons then changed his "story" several times, offering several different versions of the First Amendment. In the end, Coons offered yet another mangled misstatement of the First Amendment, to which O'Donnell challenged laughingly "That's in the First Amendment?" (It was not.)

NONE of Coons' changing versions were an accurate statement. The final statement Coons offered is not in the First Amendment, to which O'Donnell asked "That's in the First Amendment?"

Video of the actual exchange between the candidates is posted at www.SupportChristine.com/reward.html

Moseley explained: "Despite the Left's attempt to amend the US Constitution by simply repeating "The Big Lie" over and over again, the phrase "separation of church and state" cannot be found in the United States Constitution.

Moseley explained: "Chris Coons clearly believes in evolution... of the U.S. Constitution. Constitutional evolutionists rely on a private letter from Thomas Jefferson to invent a "separation of church and state." Trouble is... Jefferson was not in the Constitutional Convention that wrote the U.S. Constitution. Jefferson was in Paris at the time. Jefferson was also not a member of the first U.S. Congress that wrote the Bill of Rights, either. (That first Congress also used U.S. Treasury funds to import 20,000 Christian Bibles.)"

The First Amendment guarantees "THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF (of religion)." A wall of separation would violate the 2nd part of the clause, violating THE FREE EXERCISE OF RELIGION.

"Any rule that makes religion or religious people unwelcome in any place or any aspect of American life is a violation of the 'FREE EXERCISE OF RELIGION' guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment," Moseley explained.


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