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Pastor Pressured To Resign Over 'Controversial' Sign That Offended Locals

A Pastor found himself out of a job after his recent church sign caused uproar...


Pastor Sparks Outrage, Denies 93-Year-Old Woman's Final Wish Who Attended Church For 50 Years

Tyrone Jacques, preacher watchdog, stated that he “pleaded” with Walter F. Houston, the church’s pastor, and asked him to reconsider.


Airline Apologizes After Muslim Passenger Claims 'Discrimination' From Flight Attendant

A Muslim chaplain and director of interfaith of Northwestern University, has been brought to tears after receiving racist remark..


Philadelphia Mosque Under Investigation After Evidence Of Child Marriages Allegedly Emerges

A Philadelphia mosque is currently being under investigation after a victim told the authorities...


American Islamic Center Faces Backlash For Making Muslim Children Sing 'Controversial' Song

A shocking video has emerged online featuring young Muslim children...


Virginia Church Sign Sparks Controversy Among Residents

A sign put up in front of the Grace & Truth Baptist Church...


Restaurant Fires Employee For 'Refusing' To Serve Muslim Couple

A Muslim-American couple files civil rights complaint...


Christian Preacher Gets Arrested For Spreading 'Islamophobia' And 'Hate Speech'

One of the officers told him that he was disturbing the peace...


Congregation Stages Walkout Over 'Offensive' Church Sign, Pastor Doubles Down

A Virginia church’s sign went viral as the message mimicked...


Locals Demand Pastor Take Down 'Offensive' Sign Outside His Church

A homophobic pastor in Harlem uses a giant sign outside his church...


Muslim Inmates Demand Better Ramadan Food, Win Lawsuit Over 'Religious Discrimination'

Two Muslim Inmates, recently sued the Alaska Department of Corrections for being provided with “dangerously meager” Ramadan meals


Woman Objects To Muslim Students Praying In School, Now She's Under Investigation

The Metro State University of Denver has recently announced last Tuesday that they are currently conducting an investigation...

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This Photo Of The Clouds Is Going Viral

A photo has gone viral online all over the world for featuring what seems to be...


The World Cried As The Notre Dame Cathedral Burned Down, Except Members of This Group

Many people with Arab names celebrated and laughed at the tragedy...


Here’s What Scientology Has Done To Tom Cruise’s Children

They are on their way up to great success within the organization...


Pastor Arrested After Police Learn Of What He Ordered Other Ministers To Do

One pastor was found to be abusing his religious authority...