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Waitress Receives $2,000 Tip But Restaurant Claims They Won’t Process It

A Texas waitress was surprised to discover that a patron had left her a $2,000 tip, but her joy quickly turned to disappointment when..


Sheriff Threatens Charges Over Woman's 'Offensive' Sticker On Her Truck

A woman’s profane anti-Trump sticker got her in trouble with authorities...


Teen Sent Home Over Dress Code Violation, Comes Back To School In 'Controversial' Outfit

The T-shirt featured Lynn’s opinion of the “dress code violation”...

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Oklahoma Liquor Store Faces Backlash Over ‘Offensive’ Sign

The store management stands by it because they simply find...


Cleveland Indians Baseball Team Mocked Over Name Change

Some fans were not impressed by the decision, and took to Twitter to mock the team's new name.


California Restaurant Owner Faces Backlash Over Controversial Sign On Front Door

The restaurant has taken it one step further, declaring that they will only cater to patrons who are not vaccinated.


Jill Biden Turns Heads, Earns Praise Over Olympics Outfit

During the entire trip, she only wore one new outfit – the official Team USA Ralph Lauren outfit...


Gas Station Owner Tired Of Seeing Low-Income People Struggle Turns Heads With Blunt Sign

The store is nondescript, with nothing out of the ordinary until you get to the sign on a refrigerator window near where the milk is.


Judge Allegedly Gives Pastor Who Raped Teen Daughter 'Soft' Sentence Because 'He's A Man Of God’

A judge sentenced 41-year-old David Richards to a softer prison sentence because he is a "man of God."


Employee Dives Out Of Drive-Thru Window To Attack Customer Over Discount Dispute

The incident, which occurred at the Chicken Express in Dallas, was caught on camera.


Teen Neighbor Allegedly Beats, Stabs Woman, Prosecutor Drops All Charges

A St. Louis woman maintains that she was failed by the judicial system after her teen neighbor walked away free after he attacked her.


Britney Spears Turns Heads After Posting 'Topless' Photo On Instagram

Britney Spears posted a new Instagram pic, in which the star’s white top could be seen on the floor, with her hands covering her bare chest.


Walmart Takes Down 'Insensitive' Display After Shoppers Complain

The display features various clothing items hanged...


Franchise Restaurant Owner Asked To Remove Sign After Sparking Controversy

The sign was slammed on social media, with various users pointing out that various V Pizza restaurants received...


Kamala Harris Faces Backlash For Passing Out Cookies Of Herself To Reporters

Vice President Kamala Harris was roasted on Twitter for handing out cookies made in her likeness to reporters...


Strangers Slap 'Nasty' Note Down On The Table While Family Is Halfway Through Dinner

She approached the table and explained to the women that she was teaching her son how...


Tucker Carlson Rips Don Lemon For Allegedly Having An 'Offensive' Item Inside His Home

Carlson accused Lemon of hypocrisy, referencing the CNN host’s recent comments where he...


Pastor Pressured To Resign Over 'Controversial' Sign That Offended Locals

A Pastor found himself out of a job after his recent church sign caused uproar...


Jill Biden Appears To Take A Swipe At Melania Trump After Wearing Jacket With Special Message

During a press conference, she was asked about the meaning of the word “Love,”


Ford Asks Alabama Dealership To End Viral Promotion After Sparking Controversy

One Ford dealer came up with a particularly unique incentive to get people to buy...


Parents Outraged After School Sends Their 6-Year-Old Daughter Home In Just Her Underwear

Little girl’s school sent the child home wearing her underwear...


City Bans Family From Selling At Farmers Market Because Of Their 'Offensive' Religious Beliefs

Having been prohibited from selling their produce because of their certain belief...


Kelly Ripa Turns Heads After Sharing 'Risque' Photo Online

A number of fans were curious to see what the couple’s 20-year-old daughter, Lola, had to say about her parent’s antics.


Cop Finds 'Offensive' Message On Cake For Work Anniversary, Bakery Calls It A 'Honest Mistake'

When she got the cake and took it to her friend’s office for the celebration, he noticed that the PPD badge on the cake had the words “Coffee, Corruption, Donuts”


Nurse Claims Cop Racially Profiled Her, Police Release Dashcam Footage In Response

She later went on Facebook and accused the officers of racial profiling...


Woman Upset After Disneyland Tells Her To Change Out Of Her 'Inappropriate Top'

In her video, which has over four million views, Alyssa shows the viewer the outfit she had on as well as the yellow t-shirt she wore after.


Judge Orders Homeowner To Remove 'Offensive' Flags On Her Property Or Pay Daily $250 Fines

A judge has reportedly ordered the woman to remove the flags, adding that failure to comply would result in fines.