Dollar Store Clerk Shoots And Kills Armed Robber, Grieving Family Demand Justice

A man who was shot during an attempted robbery at a Dayton Dollar General has been identified.


Brothers Sue For $25M After Getting Shot By Cop They Allegedly Attacked, Jury Reaches Verdict

A jury found that Olympia Officer Ryan Donald did not violate the constitutional rights of two brothers when...


FedEx Driver Shot And Robbed While Delivering Package, Returns Fire And Kills Robber

Police revealed that a FedEx driver involved in a shooting had a legally registered weapon.


High School Sparks Outrage, Accused Of 'Hate Speech' Over Posters And Flags Inside Classroom

The photos were posted by an activist parents’ group, sparking harsh criticism against Alexander Hamilton High School.


11-Year-Old Boy Fights Off Intruder With Machete, Gives Him A Piece Of Advice

11-year-old Braydon Smith was home alone when 19-year-old Jataveon Hall broke into his house.


Britney Spears Explains Why She Posted 11 Topless Photos In 24 Hours

The first post featured seven photos – six being topless pics and the seventh the image of a rose.


Teen Poses For Photos With Friends On Beach, Ends Up Resulting In Tragedy

Oregon police warn that even small logs can become waterlogged and crush people.


Bikers Storm Neighborhood Looking For Bullied Teen Who Steps Out To Confront Them

Suddenly, a group of leather-clad, tough-looking bikers rode onto Zane’s street...

Black Man Becomes Nervous About How Cop Acts During Ticket, Then He Says To Follow Him Promo Image

Man Becomes Nervous About How Cop Acts During Traffic Stop, Then He Says To Follow Him

A father was stunned when a cop went above and beyond to help him get a car seat for his 3-year-old daughter.


Mom Recovering From Heroin Addiction Shares Photo At Her Lowest Point, Here’s How She Looks Now

The images show Matos struggling to keep her eyes open, with sores and marks on her face.


Teen Girl Punished For Using Cellphone At The Dinner Table, Ends Up With Painful Permanent Damage

A 14 year-old-schoolgirl, had her life changed permanently by an air horn blown by her friend’s stepfather during dinner with the family.


Woman Leaves Car In Bar Parking Lot Overnight, Finds 'Surprising' Note On Windshield Next Day

She immediately thought that she was being fined for leaving her car in a bar parking lot overnight.


Hero UPS Driver Stops Truck And Bangs On Door Of Home To Warn Owners Of Terrifying Scene

Paul Pereira was on his route in Haverhill making his final delivery when he spotted a front porch on fire.


Officer Pulls Over 'Upset' Truck Driver For Speeding, Driver Asks Him 'Do You Know How To Pray?'

Seeing a police vehicle behind you can be stressful, even more so when you’ve just learned that your daughter is dying from cancer.


Man Defends Child Porn Claiming He Identifies As An '8-Year-Old Girl,' Judge Issues Sentence

A convicted sex offender who claims that he identifies as an eight-year-old girl will spend at least 10 years in jail after dozens of images of child pornography were discovered on his home computer.


Fire Department Launches Investigation Over Photo Of Recruits' 'Offensive' Hand Gestures

Users were quick to point out that some recruits in the picture were showing...


Trump Asked About 2024, Tells Reporter 'A Lot of People Are Going To Be Very Happy'

Once again, without confirming his intention, former President Donald Trump has hinted at a 2024 presidential run.

Waffle House Waitress Picks Up Shift For Extra Money, Man's Tip Leaves Her 'Sick' Promo Image

Waffle House Waitress Says She Felt ‘Sick To Her Stomach’ After Seeing Customer’s Tip On Receipt

A waitress at a Tennessee Waffle House was shocked when she saw what was written in the tip line on a customer's receipt.


Teacher Removes US Flag After It Made Her 'Uncomfortable', Tells Students To Pledge To Different Flag

California teacher Kristin Pitzen has gone viral for telling her students to swear allegiance to Pride flag instead of the American flag..


Search For Missing Mom Ends After Her 8-Year-Old Son Makes Admission To School Counselor

Rebecca had last been seen on August 2, and Judson filed for divorce a day later. Officials maintain that she was already dead at the time.


Mom Ordered To Remove Decorated Rock On Her Property Or Risk Losing Custody Of Her Child

The rock, which needs to be removed by June 1, is painted with a Confederate flag.

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Soon After Giving Birth, New Mom Dies From Doctor ‘Violently Yanking’ Out Her Baby’s Placenta

The young mother experienced “excruciating pain” as she died in the delivery room after...


10-Year-Old Boy Warned School About Him Being Bullied, Now He's No Longer With Us

He committed suicide after being seriously bullied at school...


Starbucks Barista Allegedly Shames 11-Year-Old Girl, Writes Offensive Message On Coffee Cup

She stated that the incident occurred in the Starbucks at the retail park Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh.


Woman Tells Police That Ambulance With Stabbing Victim Is Blocking Her BMW, Doesn't Hold Back

The video showed a San Bernardino woman arguing with police and emergency personnel who had responded to calls of a victim stabbed in the head.


Dad Forced To Remove His Kids' Treehouse Over One Complaint, Turns Heads After Putting Up Sign

An anonymous person has been dubbed “Karen” for having a neighbor’s sons’ tree fort torn down.


Video Shows Teacher Stripping Off Girl's Shirt During Scuffle In Front Of Entire Classroom

A teacher as a Salem alternative school is on leave after she was caught on cameral pulling a student through a class doorway and ripping off the student’s shirt during the incident.


Mom Allegedly Body Shamed By Neighbor, Unleashes Racist Rant In Response

The video shows the furious woman quarreling with a group of people, presumed to be Black, and a dog is heard barking in the background.


AOC Sparks Controversy With Outfit At Met Gala

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Met Gala look was one for the books, as the congresswoman stepped onto the red carpet rocking a “tax the rich” gown.


Megan Fox Turns Heads With 'Barely-There' Outfit On The Red Carpet

Megan Fox dazzled on the red carpet during the MTV VMAs wearing a sheer dress.


Hotel Sparks Outrage For Posting Sign Targeting Service Members

It was for refusing to serve members of the military on a Thursday night...


4 Officers Walk Out Of WNBA Game Over Players' ‘Offensive’ Shirts

The players were wearing black T-shirts that had the...