Video: Trailer for Osama bin Laden Raid Movie 'Zero Dark Thirty' a Political Ad?

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Republicans have a new reason to be mad at Democrats with the release of an intriguing trailer for a movie about the successful Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan. Critics claim the film amounts to a slick $30 million political ad for President Barack Obama.

The movie, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, was made possible by special access to information from the White House and the Pentagon. Titled “Zero Dark Thirty,” the film chronicles the decade-long chase for bin Laden, who masterminded the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The film was set to be released in November, right before the presidential election, but Sony Pictures agreed to push back the release date so it wouldn't be seen as pro-Obama propaganda. The trailer, however, was released Wednesday -- three months before the election.

So why the anger? Part of the controversy here surrounds both the director and film's screenwriter gaining extremely rare access to the “vault,” a secret CIA location where the raid was organized.

Movie makers were also allowed to interview many people important in the bin Laden raids. Among the interviewed were commandos on the US Navy SEAL Team Six and military officials who planned the assault in Abottabad, Pakistan.

Conservative groups have claimed the movie makers had access to “classified information” as well, in an effort to draw attention to positive events that occurred during Obama’s presidency.

The Pentagon and CIA deny the filmmakers had access to anything classified. They also reiterated that they wanted to prevent “gross inaccuracies” in the film.

People have noted that the Obama Administration gave limited access to journalists covering the assassination of bin Laden, but gave the “red carpet” treatment to filmmakers.

Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group, found nearly 300 pages of documents detailing “special access” the screenwriter and director received from the CIA and Pentagon for the film.

“Zero Dark Thirty” is due to be released December 19.

Check out the trailer below:


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