The Most Common Jobs For Liberals And Conservatives


The Washington Post published a blog post on June 3 detailing which jobs are more synonymous with a person’s political ideology.

While there is no breakdown of income, educational background or previous work experience, the post provided give a general sense of some of the jobs that Democrats and Republicans typically hold.

For Republicans, positions as CEO or CFO are the most common, with more blue-collar occupations such as mining, petroleum engineer, trucking and oil and gas producer also making the list.

On the Democratic side, theatrical producer, art historian, public health and nonprofit consultant were some of the more common choices. One striking feature in the Democratic column was the position of “not employed,” which tied with grant maker for the most common job associated with Democrats.

The data was collected based on donations to political campaigns from outside groups in past elections. The Federal Elections Commission website collects all the financial campaign data and assesses it to make sure no fraudulent procedures occurred during the election process. It also allows viewers to see what kinds of corporations are donating to what political party.

The Washington Post has provided a tool for all readers to click on different occupations to see where the political ideologies connect. You can view it here.

Sources: The Washington Post

Photo Credit: Katsrcool, Flickr Creative Commons


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