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'It Is Taking Away Our Patriotism': 8-Year-Old Writes Angry Letter About Ketchup To Michelle Obama (Photo)

Originally concerned that he would not have enough ketchup for his school lunch, an 8-year-old boy penned a letter to Michelle Obama that also offered advice to the first lady and her husband on foreign policy and speech-making. 

The handwritten note first appeared on The Weekly Standard’s blog after the boy’s father found the letter on his son’s desk and emailed a scanned copy of it to the conservative magazine’s website. 

The boy, named Peter, said a news story about ketchup gave him the idea to write to the first lady. 

“It all started because he saw something about school lunches [and] how ketchup is bad for you, and that Michelle Obama wants to limit the amount of ketchup” in schools, the dad is said to have written in the email to the magazine. 

The concern over the condiment likely came from reports that school lunch guidelines, endorsed by Michelle Obama, could possibly limit the amount of ketchup students are allowed to use. The Daily Caller carried a story about it in October. That article referenced a quote originally taken from Youngstown, Ohio, newspaper The Vindicator in which a food service worker said ketchup was making some meals too high in calories. 

“Kids can’t take two ketchup packets [for burgers] because that would set them over on calories,” the employee was quoted as saying.

That news upset young Peter who began writing his response back when he first heard the news. 

“He started it in October, but did not finish it until a couple weeks ago. He said he was ‘too angry’ to go on,” Peter’s dad told The Weekly Standard. 

“I think you should rethink your idea that takes us to one ketchup packet per meal,” Peter wrote to the first lady. “I feel that it is taking away our patriotism toward Amercia.” 

But Peter also had other concerns he wanted to bring to the first family’s attention. 

“I also think you should stop doing nothing and go send some troops to the Middle East,” the letter reads. “I also think your husband needs to work on his speeches.”

The letter goes on to mention President Obama’s inaction in Syria, the ongoing Islamic State troubles in the region, and the conflict in Ukraine. 

After blasting her husband’s foreign policy, Peter then attempted to end his letter on a friendly note. 

“Also, may I ask you, is the White House comftable?” he wrote. 

He signed the letter “A concerned 8 year old citizen.”

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