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Massachusetts Yard Sale Linked To Child Sex Abuser Sparks Controversy

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Wakefield, Massachusetts, residents were outraged when they discovered that a local yard sale was possibly benefiting a woman in the midst of a child sex abuse case.

The organizer of the event was identified via Facebook as Evangeline Brown, who sold articles of clothing from John and Marian Burbine’s home. 

Mrs Burbine is currently serving time for reckless endangerment of a child. Mr Burbine was supposed to stand trial for sexually abusing 13 children at his unlicensed home daycare, but he committed suicide in his jail cell last year.

Neighbors noted that Brown used at least two incorrect addresses to advertise the yard sale. The online posts about the yard sale, which were posted to Craigslist, also claimed that donations from the sale would go to the family who lost the house, although the home is currently foreclosed as a result of the Burbines’ jail time.

“A lot of people coming down here didn’t know and some people have left disgusted,” Lisa Sawyer, a neighbor, told Fox News. “They are selling items of John Burbine’s, and mostly clothes right now back into the community that was victimized.”

Rada Frohlichstein, another resident, said she would be extremely disturbed if she bought something of the Burbines’ unknowingly.

When Fox News arrived at the scene, Brown reportedly called police and shut down the sale an hour later.

Brown eventually admitted to the news station that she knew who she was selling the items for, but added that the Burbines had a right to get rid of their things.

Sources: Fox News, NY Daily News

Photo Credit: Fox News


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