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Wyoming Rep's 1987 Book Claims Homosexuals are Promiscuous, Have Sex with Infants

State Rep. Troy Mader, Republican, is currently a lawmaker in Wyoming; he is now also attracting attention for having writing and self-published the 1987 book, "The Death Sentence of AIDS: Vital Information For You and Your Family’s Health and Safety."

Mader was appointed as a representative for House District 52 in February 2014 to fill the seat of Rep. Sue Wallis, who died on Jan. 28. It wasn’t until after he was appointed that news and details of his book emerged.

The book makes a number of extreme claims concerning the gay community and spreading of the HIV virus.

“Many homosexuals demand the right to kill themselves with the AIDS virus and to kill others by infecting them,” he wrote. “Many homosexuals demand the right to have sexual acts with children of any age, including infants.”

The book, which is now out of print, was published under the name “T.R. Mader.”

Mader has conceded that a good deal of the research presented in the book is now outdated. He maintains, however, that homosexual men tend to be more “promiscuous” than heterosexual men.

In the book, he cited “experts” in noting that the “average gay person” had somewhere between 1,000 and 1,600 sex partners in a lifetime.

Another of Mader’s claims in the book is that AIDS spread into the United States’ general population through two channels: homosexuals and bisexual men.

As Mader writes, homosexuals “purposely infected women to pass AIDS infection into the straight population.” Similarly, bisexual men “participated in homosexual acts, became infected and then passed it on to wives, lovers, prostitutes and most off-spring born after infection.”

“If you want to participate in that particular lifestyle, that’s your choice,” he is quoted as saying in a new interview. He also, however, added that he “reserve[s] the right to say, ‘Hey, there’s a risk involved.’”

Mader has also made the controversial statement that tolerance “is characteristic of a person who hasn’t any virtue left.”

He proceeds to point out the hypocrisy that he perceives as being central to the idea of tolerance: “'Tolerant’ people have no tolerance for those of us who dare to say ‘right is right’ and ‘wrong is wrong.’”

“So much for tolerance,” he continues.

Only 11 copies of the book remain available in libraries across the country.


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