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WSJ Writer James Taranto Says Military Sexual Assault Reports are Part of War on Men

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Wall Street Journal Editorial Writer James Taranto wrote on Monday that the military’s most recent studies on sexual assault and its attempt to prosecute rape is an attempt to criminalize male sexuality.

As noted by Raw Story, Taranto added that Lt. Gen. Susan Helms barred promotion is a result of the military’s “war on men.”  Helms, who Taranto said was overqualified for job, was prevented from furthering her career after she granted an officer accused of sexual assault clemency.

The accused officer, Matthew Herrera, allegedly opened a female soldier’s pants while she slept in the back of a car and fondled her genitals. A second woman, Sgt. Jennifer Robinson, also accused Herrera of assault.

Herrera insisted that every interaction was consensual.

“Military officers and lawmakers alike swear an oath to ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States.’” Taranto wrote, defending Helms’ decision. “In the case of Matthew Herrera, Gen. Helms lived up to that commitment.

Taranto belittled Herrera’s victims, calling the cases little more than a he said/she said situation. He insisted that calling the women “survivors” was a dramatic overstatement and made a mockery of any notion that the sexes are equal.

The WSJ writer is not new to criticism of his opinions, writing last year that he hoped that the girls whose boyfriends died for them in the Aurora shooting were worth the sacrifice. He was also accused of victim blaming in an analogy that compared rape to theft.

Sources: Raw Story, The Huffington Post


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