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Would You Vote for Ron Paul-Jesse Ventura Ticket in 2012?

Jesse Ventura believes in remaining Independent -- so much so that he he'd join Texas iconoclast Ron Paul as his vice presidential running mate only if Paul left the Republican Party.

"I will tell you this. If Ron Paul runs as an Independent, I will give great consideration to being his running mate," the former Minnesota governor told George Stephanopoulos Monday on "Good Morning America."

Ventura has spent years ripping apart both Republicans and Democrats -- but says Paul is the only member of Congress who he could actually run with. He's "the only federal elected official who will stand up for America on the congressional floor" Ventura has written in his new book, "63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read."

But Ventura says the offer is good onlyif Paul leaves the GOP. Ventura maintains, "We need to abolish political parties in this country."

Ventura, of course, is now a political outsider with few friends inside the Beltway. He's no fan of Obama -- who he believes is linked to the CIA -- and regularly jokes about Sarah Palin as somebody who would be a perfect candidate for the establishment because "she'd do what she's told."

The big problem with a Paul-Ventura independent ticket is whether the duo could capture the mainstream vote. Ventura is on record as saying that Dick Cheney knew about 9/11 in advance. "They allowed it to happen to further their agenda in the Middle East."

If true, the former vice president would be guilty of allowing thousands of American citizens to perish. That's a bold, scary (unproven) statement and one that could cause many voters to reject him.


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