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Working Moms Are Why U.S. Education is Mediocre, Explains Phil Bryant

Mississippi governor, Phil Bryant (R), still believes educated, working women are the downfall of our educational system.

Bryant was asked during a Washington Post Live event on children’s literacy about what he believed is causing the United States’ “mediocre” education standards.

“I think both parents started working,” Bryant said, according to The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss. “The mom got in the workplace.”

Bryant then attempted to clarify what he meant by saying “both parents are so pressured” nowadays. However, it was obvious what was he trying to say: women should be at home and not in the workforce.

Bryant’s sentiments echoes the controversial comments made by Fox News’ Erik Erickson during an on-air forum about last week’s Pew Research Center poll, which showed that 40 percent of American households rely on the mother as the sole or primary breadwinner.

Erickson argued it is biologically natural for women to be at home and men to be in the workforce in the “dominant” role. He, too, argued that female workers are tearing society apart, as children no longer have a traditional home for support.

Luckily, both conservatives and liberals alike have criticized these men for their outdated and illogical ideals.

Bryant, perhaps so taken with Erikson’s reasoning, neglected the fact that the mediocre education in the United States might actually be caused more by problems in the classroom rather than outside of it.

Overcrowded classrooms with low pay and poor training, inflexible curriculums, subpar textbooks and schools focusing more on graduation statistics rather than actually teaching kids or getting them ready for college. Pick your favorite problem with America's educational system — there are a lot of options to choose from.

But no, clearly women are to blame.

Sources: Huffington Post, Washington Post


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