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Working Class Celebrates Margaret Thatcher’s Death in Britain (Pictures)

World news headlines mourned the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, flowers piled up outside her residence and flags were lowered to half-mast at Britain’s parliament on Monday.

However, not everyone was sad to see the "Iron Lady" pass away today at age 87.

Many working class Brits actually celebrated her demise, reports the Daily Mail (pictures below).

Many of the hard feelings came from Thatcher being anti-union, pro-war and trying to dismantle the U.K.'s universal health care system.

“I’m having a drink to it right now,” David Hopper, of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) in northeast England, told AFP. “It’s a marvelous day. I’m absolutely delighted. It’s my 70th birthday today and it’s one of the best I’ve had in my life.”

“We’ll be glad to see the back of her,” said Judith Orr, editor of the far-left Socialist Worker weekly newspaper.  “She ruined the lives of tens of millions of working class people in Britain. And she rejoiced in war."

"She was the one who said we should rejoice in the sinking of the Belgrano, in the deaths of hundreds of young Argentine conscripts. That was one of her most disgusting moments, but there is a long list of crimes.”

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell said Thatcher was “extraordinary, but heartless” and introduced “Britain’s first new anti-gay law in 100 years."

In Glasgow, Scotland,  more than 300 people gathered to hold a party and shouted "Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, dead, dead, dead."

One Direction singer Harry Styles tweeted “RIP Baroness Thatcher,” but apparently his uneducated audience was confused about who he was tweeting about.

“I wish there was a Margaret Thatcher statue in Glasgow,” tweeted Scottish comedian Robert Florence. “I’d like to be seen on the news toppling it and hitting it with my shoes.”

Many celebrated her death marked their tweets with the hashtag #nowthatchersdead.

Source: AFP and Daily Mail

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