Republicans Want to Raise Retirement Age to 70


If Republicans take over Congress, House Republican leader John Boehner says he will move to raise the Social Security retirement age to 70. That might not seem to be a big deal to someone who has spent his life in

cushy offices with fancy perks, luxury cars, good health care and not much heavy lifting.

But for millions of seniors in physically demanding jobs it’s a big, big deal. A new television from Protecting America’s Retirees, an independent project of the Alliance for Retired Americans, takes a takes light-hearted look at the very serious subject of forcing seniors to stay on the job until age 70.

The ad will air in five closely-contested House races in Arizona, Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania and in the Pennsylvania senate race between Rep. Joes Sestak (D), who has vowed to strengthen Social Security, and Rep. Pat Toomey who wants to raise the retirement aga and privatize Social Security.

The ad reaches out to seniors who may be voting for Republicans because they want change.

You’re hoping things will change?

Hope you’re also planning to stay on the job.

Because at least one change means seniors will have to work.  And work.  And keep right on working.

Yes – that’s right.  The Republican leadership wants to raise your retirement age to 70.

The ad shows, among others, a fire fighter, construction worker, delivery person, and lifeguard struggling on the job in their later years.

Alliance Executive Director Edward F. Coyle asks:

Can you imagine working until 70?  In physically demanding jobs like manufacturing, construction, and the service sector, I just don’t see how you can.

In September, The New York Times took an in-depth look at toll physically demanding jobs take on older workers. Click here.


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