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Pregnant Woman Attempts Suicide, Could Get Life in Prison

Bei Bei Shuai, who owns a restaurant in Indianapolis, tried to committ suicide while pregnant. Thankfully, she was not sucessful. But since that suicide attempt ended her pregnancy, she is being charged with murder and attempted foeticide.

She faces the possibility of a life term in prison. I can understand people not necessarily liking abortion, though Republican efforts to reduce funding for sexual health programs such as at Planned Parenthood will lead to more unwanted pregnancies, but the idea that a woman should be imprisoned for life because of the consequences of an attempted suicide is absurd.

How far away are we from a time when a woman -- who might not even know she is pregnant -- faces the same murder charges when an embryo doesn't come to a full term? Be rest assured, there are many people who would be in favor of that kind of law.


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