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Woman Struggles To Stay Awake During Jeb Bush's Speech (Video)

A tired working mom struggled to stay awake during Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's speech about health care during a town hall in Hampton, New Hampshire, on Thursday (video below).

The woman, later identified as Tara, yawned, closed her eyes and propped her head up while Bush spoke about his plan at Foss Manufacturing, notes Politico.

American Bridge, a political action committee, tweeted a Vine video of the yawning incident with the caption: "The Donald says Jeb Bush has no energy and Jeb really doesn't like it. He's not helping himself at all."

Bush campaign spokeswoman Kristy Campbell tweeted back: "Leave it to American Bridge to pick on a woman who was up at 4:00 am to work a 12 hour shift."

However, American Bridge made no disparaging remarks about Tara.

The Bush campaign later tweeted a picture of Bush and Tara giving a thumbs up with the caption: "In awe of working moms like Tara who woke up at 4AM for 12 hr shift! Made me tired to hear about."

Earlier this year, Bush called for Americans to work longer hours, and, in another instance, opposed overtime pay for five million workers under a new directive by President Obama.

In 2014, Foss Manufacturing (where Bush spoke) reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which had fined the textile company $115,000 and cited it for "21 serious violations of workplace safety standards," noted

Sources: Poltico, Twitter (2), / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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